Best Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women in 2017

Here is the list of ten best hairstyles and haircuts for women in 2017

Haircuts for Women

Barely-there waves:

This hairstyle doesn’t require a lot of time to be spent on. This style is easy to master. You can either seek the help of a hairstylist or just grab your straightener and create a few subtle waves. It will take a few minutes, tops.

Midi Cuts:

If you don’t like short haircuts and long hair either, a midi cut is the best option available. Tell your stylist to focus the length to your collarbone. The midi cut is easy to style and maintain.

Faux perms:

The vintage hairstyle is again back to trend. You can either seek the help of a hairstylist or simply grab your curling iron and make tight, bouncy curls like an 80’s actress. Faux perms are trending among curly hair lovers

High and Tight Pony:

The hairstyle is of great help during high humidity days. The heat doesn’t stand a chance when a high and tight pony hairdo is sported. Slick the hair back and secure with a tight hair tie. The hairstyle is prominent among Russian women.

Air-dried Hair:

You can get the look by using products from Kerastase Aura Botanica, which are made for air-dry perfection. This style is trending now among women with a sense of fashion. This hairstyle looks better on pretty and damage free hairs.


Bangs are back to trend. This vintage hairstyle is pretty and simple. Whether you’ve got blonde or black hair, this style looks good on anyone. Women with long hair and doesn’t like to get a haircut may try bangs instead.

Super Blunt Bobs:

The hairstyle which made a huge sensation in fashion is now back with a strong architecture and modifications. Women who are comfortable with short and mid-length hairlines can try the super blunt bob style.

Short and Cropped:

This short style is appreciated by a lot of women. This is a short hairstyle, but not too short. This style is made with short, messy and funky chops of hair. Jaimie Alexander is a celebrity who sports this hairstyle.


The other vintage hairstyle is back. But in 2017, not as intense as it was in the 70’s. The modern hairstyle is with full of volume, and no intensely layered which may cause it look messy.

Long and Sleek:

This summer haircut is all about straight hair. This hairstyle is usually sported by corporate women, and now teen girls are moving onto the sleek and long hairstyle. This gives an elegant and healthy look.

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